1st Conference of Society for Soil Mechanic and Foundations of Croatia, Opatija, 16-18.11.1989.

Geotechnical Engineering in Transportation Projects, Novigrad, 5-8.10.1994.

2. Geotechnical Engineering in Cities, Varaždin, 4-6.10.1995.

XI Danube-European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Poreč, 25-29.05.1998.

3. Geotechnics through Eurocode 7, Hvar, 2-5.10.2002.

17th European Young Geotechnical Engineers’ Conference, Zagreb, 20-22.07.2006.

4th Conference of Croatian Geotechnical Society, Soil and Rock ImprovementOpatija, Hrvatska, 4-7.10.2006.

5th Conference of Croatian Geotechnical Society, Osijek, 20-21.05.2009.

Eurock 2009, ISRM Regional Symposium, Rock Engineering in Difficult Conditions – Soft Rocks and Karst, Dubrovnik, Cavtat, 29-31.10.2009.

6th Conference of Croatian Geotechnical Society, Remediation, Monitoring and Maintenance in Geotechnics, Zadar, 2013. 

7th Conference of Croatian Geotechnical Society with international participation, Geotechnical Aspects of Damages Caused by Natural Phenomena, Varaždin 2016.


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