15th Nonveiller Lecture 25.10.2017.

The 15th Nonveiller Lecturer is Professor Atilla Ansal, PhD,
who will deliver his lecture on 25th October 2017. at 14:00, in Zagreb, with the title

Seismic Microzonation and Earthquake Scenarios

Professor Atilla Ansal, (his short cv available here), serves as president of The EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING, http://www.eaee.org/,

editor of the Springer book series GEOTECHNICAL, GEOLOGICAL AND EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING, http://www.eaee.org/book-serieshttp://www.springer.com/series/6011

and main editor of the BULLETIN OF EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING, http://www.eaee.org/bulletin-of-earthquake-engineering,

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