Mladen Vučetić’s memorial lecture

Rijeka, 4th of April 2024. 14-16h.
Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Rijeka
Radmile Matejčić 3,
Lecture room: G-003
ZOOM ID: 948 488 4689
In honor of Professor Mladen Vučetić, we are holding this lecture to show our gratitude and admiration for his beautiful, kind and persistent way of working, with which he has achieved great success and opened new opportunities for many of us, and to encourage students and colleagues to appreciate science and engage with what has been researched . The first lecture will include a brief account of his life and work, as well as one of his lectures, delivered by Professor Vučetić’s doctoral student, Jerko Kocijan, Ph.D.
Professor Mladen Vučetić began his studies and research in Zagreb, continued them in Norway and the USA and spent most of his productive working life at the prestigious University of California Los Angeles, UCLA. He led a large number of globally significant scientific projects in which many experiences were gained, and some even received doctorates. Mladen’s invitation to work on these projects was accepted by numerous scientists from Croatia who went to the USA for short or long periods of time. Professor Mladen spent several years studying in Croatia at the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum (RGN) at the University of Zagreb and at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, at the University of Rijeka. It should be noted that the professor was a lecturerhe was teaching in the doctoral program at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Rijeka.
This lecture is largely a repetition of the lecture given by Prof. Vučetić at the RGN Faculty on December 11, 2003. The title of the lecture was “Kinematics and pseudo-dynamic analysis of the failure of nailed soil models in dynamic centrifugal experiments” – it was prepared by prof. Vučetić in collaboration with his colleague Jerko Kocijan, a PhD student at the time. As Prof. Vučetić has not been with us for half a year, so the lectures will be given by Jerko Kocijan, Ph.D.
The lecture will be available online and we expect many of Mladen’s PhD students and other colleagues from the global academic community to attend the lecture.
The meeting is organized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering, of the University of Rijeka and the Croatian Geotechnical Society. The moderator of the meeting is Vedran Jagodnik, PhD.

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