Radovi objavljeni na TECHNICAL MEETING TC207 – Workshop on Soil-Structure Interaction and Retainig Walls, održanom 5-8.10.2011. u Dubrovniku mogu se vidjeti ovdje >>>:

Aspects of soil-structure interaction in design of buildings and geotechnical structures
Ulitsky, V.M.,
Shashkin, A.G.,
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Lisyuk, M.B.
Preservation and reconstruction of historical monuments in Saint Petersburg with account of soil-structure interaction 3
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Footing Design of the Nekheel Tower, Dubai, UAE 35
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Strengthening of old bridge foundation using the pile group system 53
di Prisco, C.,
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On the non-linear stiffness of the soil-structure interaction of historical buildings  59
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Investigation of hard soils for soil-structure interaction analyses 65
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Using “Prepack” piles as settlement reduction elements 73
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Soil-Structure interaction modelling of underground pipelines behavior in tectonic fault areas of seasonally freezing soils of Sakhalin island 79
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Tunnel-soil-pile interaction  83
Mirsayapov, I.T.,
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Design model of long nonlinear deformation of clay soil in a complex stress state 91
Retaining walls and structures
Failures of geotechnical structures
Finno, R.J. Predicting, monitoring and controlling ground movements during excavation  99
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Vollmert, L. Current status on research, execution and international design codes on geosynthetic reinforced retaining walls 113
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Deformations of soil in deep excavations: comparing calculation results with in-situ measurements 119
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Three-dimensional slope stability analysis 125
Jacquard, C.,
Romain V.
Monitoring the behavior of anchored retaining walls of RAINIER III building– MONACO 129
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Methodology and technology of underground floor construction underneath an historic building (Kamennoostrovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg) 135
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A geotechnical study of failure mechanism during installation of an underground reservoir in soft soils  147
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The geotechnical bases of microtunneling in urban conditions 153